Audit result: HTTP/2 not enabled for all resources?

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Just tested out, the new performance and best practices tool from Google. My main concern was that this audit picked up this: “Does not use HTTP/2 for all of its resources”.

That kind of startled me since I was under the inception that all Cloudflare accounts had HTTP/2 enabled by default. My question now is: is this tool correct or not and if yes, why is it happening?

Cloudflare by default enable HTTP/2 for your site. However, it cannot for the third party domain. That’s normal. You need to check with Chrome Dev tool to inspect that third party domain are using other technology such as HTTP 1.1, SPDY, etc.

The tool favour HTTP/2.

Firstly, thank you for your reply!

Secondly, the resources I’m talking about are hosted by my domain and cached by Cloudflare. Why do you think? Can somebody test with their website and see if we are getting the same error?

This is what I’m seeing when auditing my blog:

Here is a screenshot:

that is a bug in due to how google is testing right now, it will be eventually fixed see

you can verify it works in Chrome Audit Lighthouse Report tests or via PageSpeed Insights v5 online test instead

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Thank you!

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