Audit logging for origin server certificates

Recently, one of our origin server certificates went missing. We opened a support case to investigate, and discovered that origin server certificate events are not recorded in the audit log. We don’t know what happened to the certificate, and who/what might have revoked it.

I see that this topic has been mentioned in the community.

Because origin server certificates are an important—maybe critical— component of website security, can we please have audit logging enabled?

Thank you very much.

After creating this topic, Related Topics showed me that the "disappearing certificates issue has happened to others as well. Audit logging origin certificates will help us troubleshoot these issues:

Update 2
My missing origin certificate has reappeared in the dashboard! Perhaps there was a bug in the dashboard that caused origin server certificates to not display yesterday? All the more, I think this highlights the importance of audit logging, to help us determine whether it’s a certificate issue or a dashboard display issue. Thank you.

Update 3
It turns out the Cloudflare dashboard is extremely confusing when switching between different websites. Having origin certificate audit logs would have enabled me to quickly identify this mistake and fix it.

Thank you for the feedback, we highly appreciate it.