Audit log - Is it possible for devs to attach a description / note to API call?

The audit log is useful because it lets me know that something happened, but it doesn’t tell me why that thing happened.

I want to know a little more about the ‘Purge everything’ events that are logged. Who requested it? And what is the reason? As far as I know, there are only 2 sources that I’ve authorized to do this (APO plugin + WP Fastest Cache plugin).

I’d like to know which plugin made the request at least, and perhaps a quick explanation, like this:

“APO plugin made this request because of X metadata changes.”
“WPFC plugin made this request because it’s configured to purge cache after publishing a new post.”

So, is it possible for plugin devs (including Cloudflare) to send this kind of info with the request? The audit log can already display things like this:

{ "Zone name": "" }

It would really help clear up confusion about why things are happening, and I think most WordPress plugin developers would cooperate and attach a quick one-line explanation if people wanted it.

Update: About half an hour ago I approved 3 comments on my site and my audit log shows 3 purge everything requests back to back. (+11 timezone) Purges at 16:54:15 and 16:54:16 and 16:54:17.

I understand it’s not always as simple as purging 1 page at a time because of the way things are connected, but this is overkill. I don’t understand why something as small as 1 comment on 1 post is enough to bring down the whole cache. There are warning labels about degraded performance on the ‘purge all’ button for a reason… it really does take a dive, and I’d like to avoid that while still being able to work on the site.

I suspect it’s the APO plugin that’s doing it, because WPFC would’ve completely cleared its own cache as well if it was the one requesting purge everything. WPFC’s selective purging options seem to actually work, because I see new cache generated where it should be and it leaves the rest alone.

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