Audit log "DNS change setting" happening every two weeks

Roughly every two weeks I see an audit log action titled “DNS change setting”. Each action looks something like this:

Date: 2020-01-14T12:08:40-06:00
Resource: Zone DNSSEC
Audit Record: *not sure if I needed to mask this*
  "Name": "DNSSEC",
  "Type": "DNS",
  "Value": true,
  "Zone name": ""

I’m hoping that Cloudflare is automatically updating some type of DNSSEC record or checking for something since I have DNSSEC turned on. Can anyone validate what is occurring? I know I’m not taking these actions so I’m just trying to figure out what/who is.


Yeah, I get that too. I don’t know exactly what it’s “changing”, but it happens on a regular basis.

Cloudflare must be automating something behind the scenes then. Thanks for your input!

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