Audit Log API Not Showing All User Logins

When I hit the endpoint, I get results for user logins, but only my own. It doesn’t show me when other users have logged in. I am using a global API key and my email address.

Anybody got anything on this? I was hoping there was a way that it would show me all user logins, not just my own.

From the documentation, you need to have an enterprise plan.

Could that depend on the role assigned to your account?

However, considering you are on an Enterprise account I’d suggest to rather contact the dedicated support engineer assigned to you. That might yield an answer quicker than the forum.

Yes, we have a couple domains setup with an enterprise license and my account is setup as an administrator. I’ll have to hit up our account rep., I was just hoping someone in here already had the knowledge.

Thanks gents.

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Enterprise topics are the rare kind here :slight_smile:

My guess would be a permission issue, maybe you’d need to be a “Super Administrator” but thats just a guess. Your support engineer should have a quicker and more definitive answer.

@wwalker Our engineering team has an open task to show all user logins/logouts for Administrators, this is not currently possible even for Super Admins.

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