Audiscovery and Cloudflare

I am an IT manager for a local brewery and they are having a problem with their Office 365. Outlook in unable to see their hosted exchange email addressed because the autodiscovery address is set to cloudflare. They have their domain hosted though another party and to the owners knowledge they have never had relations with Cloudflare. We are trying to get their autodiscover set back to intermedia so the Email boxs will operate correctly, but have to cloudflare login. When we use the Reset Password option the email never arrives at any of the email inboxs being used by the company. We would like to get a hold of some sort of support in order to troubleshoot the account but we need to have an account to access the support features at Cloudflare. How do we go about getting support from someone?

If their domain is not on Cloudflare then I cannot see how that is possible. What is the domain?

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We were wondering if maybe the people who purchased the domain, also the folks who did the website, maybe used Cloudflare to secure the domain, but then they changed hands or sold off the account. We have contacted all parties and noone has any answers as to how cloudflare got involved.

It’s using Cloudflare Name servers, and the domain info is nice enough to point out that “steve” (Dunkerken) @ that domain is the admin. Does that name sound familiar?

Yea hes who purchased the domain and my primary contact. How do we go about changing the name servers from cloudflare? Intermedia made an attempt but nothing ever changes over.

That involves your registrar, and can be done without Cloudflare being involved.

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We tried this and they are denying the ability to do so. It is Network Solutions LLC. They pointed us to Cloudflare and asked to change the nameservers.

You’d think that Network Solutions has been in the registrar business long enough to know that’s not how it works.

Now I’m curious as to why some bonehead thinks that Cloudflare is in control of where NetSol’s finger points when it comes to name servers for a domain.

Can’t Steve just log into his account there and change it? After all, it’s his name on the registration.

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Thats the issue! Netsol claims Steve needs to contact cloudflare. Steve also doesnt have a cloudflare account to log in to request support. Again, my guess is someone used cloudflare to set up his website and manage it, then that person moved on. This domain is 14 years old. Lots goes to the wayside when things are working as they should, until they dont.

Are you telling me that Steve can’t log into the Network Solutions account? Then how’s he paying for the domain registration? It’s going to expire in a few months.

The bottom line is that Cloudflare has zero influence over this.

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