Audios just playing as "Live-Stream" ("Live-Übertragung")

Hi everybody,

since I use CF on my band websites, where I provide audio-demos for customers and also for my musicians to practice to, I face the following problem:

All the mp3s play just via “Live-Übertragung”, live stream. You can only play it from the beginning to the end, no going forward or playing from a certain time possible - which is quite inconvenient. On top, the stream tends to break up now and then.
Stangely, that happens all the time on mobile browsers but only sometimes on desktop. Now and then it seems to be kind of loaded after I played it completely through once. After refreshing the page it won’t be like that even if I again completely play an audio.

What I’ve tried is this:
tested in several browsers mobile and desktop - all the same
page rule within CF: cache everything .mp3 - no effect
get CF-cache-status via -curl - it always says “MISS” at first, same command a 2nd time right after the first time it says “HIT”

When I pause CF, it’s all normal on all devices.

I’m not an IT-pro and I have to admit, that I do not really understand how CF works in that case with all the caching etc… What I’ve found in the forum is that there seem to be kind of randomly appearing problems with audios playing.

Can anyone help?


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