Audio Streaming via Cloudflare - TOS Inquiry

Hi there,

We’re looking to run Icecast traffic via Cloudflare and just want to confirm if it is allowed. From what I can tell there are mixed responses around it. We don’t want to have the traffic coming directly to our sever, as we want to utilize Cloudflare for extra security.

We will have two different requirements; and

  • These are coming from Icecast but proxied via Nginx.

  • This is an HLS stream that’s the same as /low but provided in a different format.

The bandwidth will be fairly low as it is audio-only. Less than 2TB per month.

Cloudflare Stream looks nice, but it doesn’t work for what we’re trying to do. If we were to purchase a monthly plan at Cloudflare, aka the “Business” plan, would this then allow what we’re trying to do? People seem to say that Cloudflare don’t like people relaying HLS and audio traffic via their service.

I have a scheduled call back from Cloudflare from their sales department but I don’t have much hope the representative will understand what I am trying to do.

You are going to want insure the auduo stream uses a seperate subdomain that is :grey: DNS Only.

See this thread for details.

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I am very certain they will. But understanding something and allowing it are two different things :slight_smile:
Also if you cast something you anyway would not profit much from Cloudflares CDN functionality. But additonal to that if you truly cast something, not just store and let people download it whenever they want and you do have 2TB of cast-traffic, this would cause way more traffic at Cloudflare, since AFAIK it is not cast-ready. That means if you have 100 constant users on an proxied domain that create 2TB traffic at your origin that could add up to 200TB traffic at Cloudflare, if I am not mistaken…?

Cloudflare Stream is made for something like this, and maybe the sales team can ask some devs if there are some cool workarounds like streaming a Videocontainer without any video included, but just audio. Maybe something like this could be done to satisfy your needs.
Additonally you can place your vote here: Cloudflare stream for audio
This is a communityrequest for Cloudflare Stream (for Audio)

In general please always contact Cloudflare directly and ask for permission, so you’re on the safe side :slight_smile:

Once that happened, feel free to tell us how it went.

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I didn’t get a call sadly. As for the bandwidth 2TB is roughly what we are using in total for our existing streaming provider, this includes listeners.

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