Audio stream not working in Chrome anymore when Universal SSL is enabled?

I have a radio station HTTP site Recently I used Cloudflare to convert domain to HTTPS. My audio stream comes from here:
That link is included in my page and web player plays it.
Since yesterday Chrome doesn’t make a sound when I click play button on web player, but Firefox still works fine. I disabled Universal SSL now in Cloudflare settings so that Chrome can play it too. Any idea what to do to in order for Chrome to play radio audio stream?

Most (if not all) browsers have for at least the past decade blocked content, such as e.g. your audio stream that is over insecure http:// links, when the actual loading of content happens from a secured (https:///) site.

It definitely sounds like this is the issue you are seeing.

Mixed content - Web security | MDN

The solution would be to also secure the audio stream (and any other content you load), by migrating that to https:// too.

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But it was working well with http audio stream untill two days ago. Hm, ok. Thank you!

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