Audio playback on SRT Live Streams?

Hello, I recently set up a Cloudflare live stream and was testing the ability to play back from the SRT Playback URL (srtPlayback attribute in the live stream API) when ingesting media to the input, either over RTMPS or SRT. The input stream in both cases contains H264 video and AAC audio. I am able to play the stream back with audio and video in both cases over the RTMP playback URL but when I try to play back the stream using the SRT playback address, there is no audio but the video works. Is that expected?

This is a sample GStreamer pipeline used to broadcast to my Cloudflare stream:

gst-launch-1.0 \
    mpegtsmux name=mux ! queue ! srtsink 'uri=<my srt url>' \
    videotestsrc ! video/x-raw,height=360,width=640 ! videoconvert ! x264enc tune=zerolatency ! video/x-h264,profile=high ! queue ! mux. \
    audiotestsrc ! audioconvert ! fdkaacenc ! queue ! mux.

And this is the playback command I used:

gst-play-1.0 '<my srt playback url>

I have also tested similar broadcasts using FFmpeg and OBS and have not been able to receive audio from the SRT playback stream while the RTMPS playback stream contains audio.

Same problem here. SRT does not play Audio.

Same issue. Audio working fine on the web player and via the RTMP Playback URL, but the SRT Playback URL has no audio. I’ve raised an issue with Cloudflare but they’re yet to get back to me (if they do at all).

Did you get this working at all? Still seems to be an issue for me.

Have not gotten it to work. Similar to another poster in this discussion, I filed a bug with Cloudflare about a month ago but from what I remember the submission space is just a Google form/spreadsheet or something similar and there has been no follow-up with that either.

I also raised a ticket about it and have heard nothing. Tried asking about it on Discord and also got nothing, so it looks like support is non-existent. Strange, considering this is core functionality that is not working…

I can get audio working via SRT through Cloudflare Live Stream via vMix. However the audio sync is out by a couple frames, with audio leading vision. Also, I notice the occasional dip in audio.
But when using Custom RTMP from vMix to exact same Cloudflare Live Stream RTMP input, the audio is in sync with no dips in audio. This to me tells me the timing for Cloudflare SRT possibly drifts and is not locked and useable.
The only thing I can think of is the SRT Latency setting, which by default is set to 100ms in vMix. I have changed this to other values from 10ms upto 1000ms in vMix, with no change to the lip sync through Cloudflare. But I do note the change in latency for the entire stream. Does anyone know what the default SRT Latency setting for Cloudflare live streaming is as to my understanding, it has to be the same at both ends?
The SRT Latency setting and not knowing what the Cloudflare value is, is what is possibly causing other users in this topic not being able to get active audio for SRT? I can’t see anywhere on Cloudflare documentation what the SRT Latency numeric value is.
Therefore, I have returned to RTMP streaming from vMix to Cloudflare for now.