Audio (mp3) buffering

I am currently working on a site where we have thousands of podcasts hosted. All the audio files are self hosted MP3 files. On desktop when users click the play button the audio plays immediately. However, when I test it on my iPhone it takes several seconds for the audio to start playing. I can see in the audio player that it’s loading the file. We want it to play immediately like on desktop.

Does Cloudflare have a service where it can preload/buffer audio files? I see there is such a service for Video files but I didn’t see anything for audio specifically.

I did add a page rule to cache all mp3 files which does help decrease the delay before the audio plays but it isn’t instant.

Any help is appreciated.

Don’t think so, you could get away with uploading a video that just has audio and a black screen but that’s not a great solution.

A “cache everything” page rule might also get CF caching the file if it’s not too big, but I’m not certain. Mp3 isn’t on the default file cache list, so you’d need “cache everything”’

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So, I did just that. I added a page rule to cache MP3 files and selected to “cache everything”. Seems to have made a good difference.

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