Audio files won't play on mobile devices

After days of troubleshooting I think I found that Cloudflare is blocking access to m4a audio files for the users who visit my website from their mobile devices. Like an iPhone. For example, the link below works fine on Chrome Windows x64. But the same file does not play in Safari/Chrome on my iPhone 8. A black background shows up and there is a crossed Play button in the middle.

I know the culprit is the Cloudflare because as soon as I pause Cloudflare the issue goes away.

I tried Page Rules to bypass cache, performance etc for the subfolder “d” and everything below it. But it didn’t help.

Could you please help? This is a serious issue for us.

Link I posted was converted to a media player for some reason. Here is the link:


Most likely the same as MP4 Won't Load in Safari Using CloudFlare

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Thanks @sandro. I have tried some of the recommendations and the issue seems to have resolved for now. I will keep an eye on it and report back in a day or two.

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