Audio cuts off ~1 second before end of all videos

On all our videos on Cloudflare the audio cuts off about 1 second before the end of the videos.
This is evident on a number of short (~5 second) pre-roll clips that carry short messages before our main videos. The audio cuts out just before the end (often losing the last word / syllable of dialogue), while the video keeps playing for the last second. Seems a minor issue, I know, but it causes big problems for short clips.
For reference, the exact same videos work fine when streamed using other services.
We are using the Stream player and the issue is even there when previewing videos in the dashboard.
Is this a known issue and is there a workaround?

It is possible that you share a video ID where you can see this issue?

Can I DM to share this privately?

Yes, you can DM @renan or email him at renan [at]

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