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Cloudflare is not recognising the newly released .au domains. We have successfully registered one, but when we try to add it to our Cloudflare account we get the error: “nous.au is not a registered domain

It looks like you changed the nameservers with your Registrar before you started to add the domain to Cloudflare.

You need working nameservers before you start the process of adding a domain to Cloudflare.

We changed those in an attempt to get Cloudflare to recognise the domain. We are in the process of changing it back.

Cloudflare nameservers will not answer for your zone until it’s finished setup - so using them before you’re told to is no different to using random nameservers off the internet.

Unless you have valid nameservers that are replying to queries for your domain, Cloudflare will always report the domain as not registered.

Just to be clear. The name servers had not been changed until a few hours ago. We have been trying to get Cloudflare to acknowledge the new .au domain for several days. Changing the nameserver was a last resort before submitting this thread.

The focus of this thread should be that Cloudflare does not recognise .au domains.

I’m not aware that Cloudflare does not recognise any ICANN TLD.

The symptoms you are describing are almost a result of the current nameservers not being authoritative for the domain. Which is the state the domain is in.

Another relatively common issue is when the eTLD is not on the Public Suffix List. In this case the eTLD is “au” and that appears on the public suffix list.

Edit: au was only added to the PSL is the last few days. Cloudflare may not have updated their version of the PSL yet.

CC @hannes might be the best person to tag on this.

Cloudflare recognises domains by querying the nameservers for that domain & expecting a valid response back.

.au domains in particular seem to have had a shaky launch (both with the central registrar and various registries requiring their nameservers to be ‘enabled’) and it’s not an issue with Cloudflare.

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