.AU Domain adding to Cloudflare

Yeah it is super convenient - but once you script it to account for the possibility of different CF NS being assigned, it’s even easier :slight_smile: I wrote a guide on bulk adding CF domains and transferring into CF domain registrar at How To Bulk Domain Transfer To Cloudflare Registrar And Save On Domain Renewal Costs - Centmin Mod Blog and there’s a link in that guide to bulk transfer out of CF domain registrar if need be :slight_smile:

Probably wouldn’t have helped to .AU registrar syncing issues though. I have a .AU domain but waiting till all the sync issues are sorted before adding to CF.

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For what it’s worth I was receiving a similar message with my .AU domain when trying to add it to Cloudflare. I changed my nameservers from the default VentraIP ones to those of another hosted DNS provider (ClouDNS). Within 5 minutes I was able to add the domain to Cloudflare and swapped the nameservers over to the CF ones.

Definitely seems to be an issue with the VentraIP default servers as others have mentioned.

Thanks for pointing that out as it resolved my issue.


If you prefer to look at the Synergy Wholesale version here you go.

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If the VentraIP FreeDNS nameservers arent resolving for you correctly - you can reset the DNS zone by setting the DNS preset to Custom Nameservers, then back to FreeDNS.

More often than not, that will fix the issue with Cloudflare not being able to pick up the domain as registered.

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Yep that’s pretty much the fix.

This issue is affecting multiple registrars as well not just VentraIP/Synergy default name servers. They’re just one of the better registrars when it comes to reporting stuff on their status pages :smiley:

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Fair enough! I was only aware of the impact it had on the registrar I used but I imagine it’s the same resolution for other registrars as well.

(Sorry for the long delay in replying, Discourse decided to rate limit me, which would have been awesome AFTER this message, because I’ve given up. I’m just hoping that someone inside Cloudflare can actually go and either a: Fix the issue, or b: Get someone to post a ‘Hey, we’ve changed how we do things and now need a valid DNS response from the current DNS servers before we can import the domain’)

You’re a bit confused. OF COURSE they resolve themselves. You’re trying to say ‘They are not responding with any records for the domain’.


If that was a requirement, you wouldn’t be able to recover from a failed DNS server, would you?

Anyway, we’re not getting anywhere here, apart from making me more and more annoyed at Cloudflare.

And since I’m sitting here waiting:

I do apologise! I was not aware they were the same company. I assumed they were separate because I’ve had nothing but awful dealings with Ventra, but Synergy have been fantastic to work with (apart from their stone age SOAP based API, but you can’t expect EVERYTHING to be perfect).

I don’t even have edit privs here so I can’t go back and edit my comments to say I was wrong. 8-(

Normal process is ‘Hey, I think I want HonestRobsUsedCarAndVoipEmporium.com.au so I go buy it, default NS are owen and elsa, log into my cf account, add domain, everything works’.

Apparently that has changed, and we can’t do that anymore.

No, they do not actually resolve any record of the domain, including the NS themselves. Those are required. I could point my domain to your NS, but they wouldn’t work unless they return themselves as NS for my domain. Your NS records are failing to do so.

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Yeah you don’t want to see the words that I said when the realisation this could’ve taken three days to fix on launch day.

I wasn’t aware that you had to set name servers to something else before switching to Cloudflare either.

Do now and a lot of Australians do also now no as well.

Yeah they used to be two separate companies owned and run by the same people but they’ve now moved it under Nexigen Digital as like a parent company they also ran the budget brand Zuver. Not to mention everything they’ve acquired in the last few years.

The market is very small specially in the accredited registrar space for .au. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be converting a wiki article are used to manage on how are all the hosting companies operating in the Australian space breakdown there really is not that much independence left in the industry.

All Good, You haven’t got problems until you’ve got DNS problems.

I purchased several .au domains on launch day via VentraIP and using their DNS servers they still haven’t propagated, and I can’t add them to Cloudflare as it reports domain not registered.

What a mess!

Yeah change the name servers at VentraIP to something random and then back to their hosted DNS product.

Wait about 15-25 minutes then try adding to the Cloudflare interface. Once you’ve been able to add it to their interface you’ll be able to change your name servers to your allocated ones.

Kyle-K, stop arguing with these people, you are wasting your time.

Your initial advice was perfect and with a little bit of thought it isn’t a big issue.

It seems some people are far more interested in having a tantrum and being argumentative.

Point them all to your blog and don’t let them off the hook until they grasp what you’ve clearly stated.