.AU Domain adding to Cloudflare

So recently in Australia there’s a new TLD (.AU) - I registered “northreach.au” with my provider yesterday and it returns results in a Whois lookup.

However, when I came to adding it as as Domain in Cloudflare it’s saying the domain isn’t valid. As per the screenshot below.


Note - I have already pointed my Name Servers to Cloudflare and don’t believe this to be the issue.

My question is, Is this TLD (.AU) currently enabled on Cloudflare? I would have thought Cloudflare would have support for it already.

I have tried contacting Cloudflare Support but it suggested I come here instead.

So, hoping this is a way to bring attention to the TLD incase others are experiencing this also.

This is the problem. You need working nameservers before you start to add a domain to Cloudflare.


Oh my gosh, I wasn’t expecting my NS change to go through that fast. Rolled back and it worked.

Thanks very much!

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Maybe also related to VentraIP Service Status ?

Due to issues launching the new .au direct domain names, newly registered domain names will not resolve to your chosen site until the DNS for the domain is manually added to the registry by Afilias.

Once you have registered your .au direct domain, you will be able to edit your Nameserver records through VIPControl; however, the DNS will not be synced to the registry until Afilias adds them manually. Once the DNS zone is manually added, your website will be able to resolve as normal.

Afilias will perform these actions once a day, Tuesday to Friday each week, which means you could have to wait a few days until your DNS records become active on the domain name.

The issue will also include changing Nameserver records for .au direct domains from one Nameserver to another.

We are pressuring auDA and Afilias to perform these manual actions daily to reduce the delay for our customers.

We currently do not know when DNS will update automatically for .au direct domain names, although we have been informed that it could be at least a week before the fix is implemented.

This issue will not affect existing .au domain names such as .com.au and .net.au; these will continue to work as expected.

We very much apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. Unfortunately, these issues are outside of our control and will be affecting everyone who acquires a .au direct domain.

Yep that service status while not a VentraIP issue as the problem is at the registry level. Means this won’t be an easy fix for most users.

And does mean they’ll have to wait until Tuesday next week before they can even start making the steps necessary to fix the issue.

It would be Wednesday before you could switch your name servers back to Cloudflare’s

It would be nice if there was something that Cloudflare could do to help users out but I doubt there’s much they’re going to do.

Have just written the Cloudflare issue up here on my blog for anyone that needs to know the steps involved in fixing the issue it’s not pretty.

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Yes, I have seen that there are delays in getting the NS updated at the registrar level - Presently the nextdDay and as mentioned by @kyle-k the delay is quite often a few days.

VentraIP advised in their service status the registry auDA are only processing the requests Tuesday to Friday at this stage. As, changes are being processed manually.

Well, hopefully others if they run into problems during this launch phase can refer back to here.

I’m having this exact same issue. I’m with VentraIP, is using their default name servers enough for Cloudflare to add my site (after the DNS changes occur)? Or should I park my domain…?

Leave domain name servers the same (This is at ventraIP) - What they were with Ventra IP then go into Cloudflare - You should be able to add the domain. Then Cloudflare should tell you to change your nameserver, do this then, but then expect your DNS changes not to be reflected until auDA update their registry. As per the blog post from VentraIP (They process it Tues-Frid) - So, if it’s not processed today it would hopefully be by Tuesday next week for you.

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If you change them to the VentraIP included host a DNS product and wait for a sync you’ll be able to add it to Cloudflare eventually check the blog post here I outlined the process.

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Today’s sync has already occurred.

Weirdly, I had a NS change overnight! It seems like some things are happening… just very slowly over 24hrs.

That’s because they’re only updating the root zone periodically current information is a manual sync will have to be performed for the next couple of weeks.

Based on the latest information I’ll update the thread if it changes.

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Good news is it looks like we had a 6:00AM AEDT sync both Saturday and Sunday.

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100% - that blog post by kyle-k is correct and VentraIP are doing what they can.

What an absolute bollocks-up by Afilias.

Its simply incredible that these things are done manually. Gods, it reminds me of 1995 and dealing with Richard at Pre-MelbourneIT. Jesus I hate MelbIT. Can’t believe they still exist.

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Yeah absolutely craziness that this was something that was a considered a viable option.

If they needed more time they could’ve just taken more time given the DNSSEC issue from a day two before launch I think people would’ve been okay if it was postponed.

However to be honest they would’ve been better off doing a soft launch.

Thankfully before my time.

Yeah but the good news is the people that bought them the commercial business side of what remained of Melbourne IT Group, 5G Networks seem to be doing pretty good at cleaning up years of mess and neglect a lot better than CentralNic you have really balls up and taking their sweet arse time cleaning up TPP Wholesale.

It is still broken, and it’s pretty random if Cloudflare will accept a .au 2LD.

I’ve had an enterprise support ticket open for a few days now, but it appears to be stalled in the first level support (rather than escalating it to someone who can FIX the problem, they offered to add it manually… Sigh)

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This issue is now resolved. Zone file syncing is now automated again. Name Server update should propagate immediately and not require a sync event to happen.


That’s not the problem. The problem is EVEN WITH a sync’ed zone, Cloudflare are randomly saying ‘this is not a registered domain’. I’ve got a couple of example zones in my Support Ticket that they can use to check that.

However, SOME Zones are working fine. I suspect there’s some caching happening, and some magic needs to happen to invalidate the ‘not registered domain’ cache (which had/has the bug)

You need to follow step one listed on that post or the instructions outlined on my blog.

But essentially solution one there solves the problem the problem is up and too today or Sunday when live sinking of the zone was happening it would take.

You to do this over several manual sync windows meaning you would have to change it wait for a sync add to Cloudflare change the name servers again and wait for a sync.

Thank God this didn’t go the expected 2 to 4 weeks initial estimate.

Essentially this issue would normally be easy to fix and currently is quite easy to fix given live syncing of the zone is available again. But initially it was coupling too issues together with a long turnaround time to resolve.

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