Attention: Server errors detected

I got this message “In the last 30 days, your domain encountered a high percentage of origin server errors (408, 429, 502, 503, 504, 520, 521, 522, 523, 524):
Your domain — Origin errors as a % of total requests 54%”

I didn’t find more detail information at Cloudflare portal.
at “Error Analytics” only has “Status Code” “Requests” “Error Rate”
without Subdomain.

How can i get the more informaiton (ex: subdomain) about the “In the last 30 days, your domain encountered a high percentage of origin server errors”

my plan is : Free

thank you for your help

You can go through the various #CommunityTips on each of these errors:

The bottom line is that your server isn’t responding to most requests. With that many errors, a lot of them should be showing up in logs at your host.

hi sdayman
so much thank for your response.
our domain has 50~60 sub domain (host) that i’m thinking have any possibility to get more detail information about the “Attention: Server errors detected”.

may i ask , when i upgrade my plan that can i get more information about this errors?
(sub domain information, now only display my main domain like “”)

Someone else posted the same error message, so it may be a false alarm. Have you noticed any connection/performance issues with your websites?

Hi Sdayman
thank you for you kind, and response.
I will/need to check my “ALL” websites then i will know

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I think its a marketing ploy, I too have received this but only on one site (I have 12 on the same server). No such errors on my server or app logs. The help offered all require a premium account

I also just received this email with the exact same list of errors AND 54%. Just want to confirm this is a marketing ploy. SHAME ON CLOUDFLARE for lying about issues with our servers to try to get us to buy their products. Some of the most dastardly marketing I’ve ever seen.

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Looking at the Account Analytics for your account for the last 7 days (default view in Account Analytics) it shows a significant increase in 5xx errors. Last 24 hours shows a relatively large decrease. That could indicate a temporary issue with connection to your origin.

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@cscharff is that a reply to me? Thank you for sharing that. The first thing that I did when I got that email was visit cloudflare and look for these errors and I could not find anything. When I go to Account Analytics (beta) I now see a spike in those errors at the bottom.

I am still suspicious of this email considering I got the exact same message as the original poster and checking the server logs has returned no information that would lead me to believe this is true. It might be triggered by a combination of issues that really happened but it is misleading.

To future readers of this topic, that list of errors does not mean your server has been throwing all of those errors. And make sure to check your own server for issues before believing that percentage. I was very concerned when I read this email but it does not appear to be as huge of an alarm as I thought.

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Ditto on this one–email did not mean a thing. They provide a great service but this type of emails are just not cool–specially when they do not live links to go see a Cloudflare reports.