Attention Required! Message when sharing link

Users who share my site are receiving this error: Attention Required! | Cloudflare

I have followed the instructions in this post, but it’s not fixing the issue.

I’m not sure what to do next…

That post mentioned Facebook. And that message looks like a Cloudflare Challenge page.

Do you have any Page Rules set up? Any Firewall Rules?

And what is the Security Level (In Firewall tab’s “Settings” menu)?

Can you also check your Firewall Event log? It may show which rule is being tripped.

I have this rule setup per CF article I found…

These page rules:

Firewall Security Level = Medium

I’m completely lost as to what all of this means, I would appreciate any assistance sorting this out.

Heh…Facebook’s IPv6 addresses end in :face:b00c
So those are getting through, thanks to your Firewall Rule. (“Action Taken: allow”)

Your error screen was from Tuesday, so that’s not in the time range of your Firewall Events log.

Next time you see that error, check the Firewall Events Log. Hopefully it will show up.

There’s also the off chance that it’s not Facebook that’s hitting that CAPTCHa page, but your visitor. In either case, it should show up in Firewall Events.


The next time I see an error…check the events log.

Can you first explain what on earth is happening? I don’t understand why that message appears nor do I understand why checking the logs would tell me anything.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @andy8,

The message appears because that is what a user would see if they received a captcha challenge when visiting your website (could be a couple of reasons for this). For some reason, the request to get a preview of the link is receiving a challenge for whatever reason, so it displays that as the preview.

The logs may well show a request that has received a captcha challenge and you should be able to see what triggered it. If you do see one, but you are not sure what triggered it, then please let us know with a screenshot of the log and rule and we can try and help you work it out!


Is there a way to just turn off the captcha challenge?

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