Attempting to transfer based domains


I’ve been attempting to transfer 2 domains off and on for about 6 months now. I bought them back in November of 2018 from Basically they had a deal and I bought them cheap. At this point I’m not sure it was such a good idea as I can’t seem to transfer them to Cloudflare.

The 2 domains are and I canceled and initiated the transfers several times as that seemed to be the first thing to try. This didn’t work :frowning:
Both are perpetually stuck with the following
Status: Pending release from previous registrar
Registrar: Unknown (Centralnic-H16140598)

Expires: Nov 14, 2028

I did a chat with the registrar where they told me the domains are listed as OK (which is what the Whois db and should be ready to be transferred. I then opened a ticket with Cloudflare (No. 1725760) and went back and forth a little bit about what the possible problems could be and we decided to try talking to them again. I let it drop for a few months because I got both busy and lazy and as they are personal domains no one is going to go broke if they aren’t managed under the same roof. I initiated another chat with the registrar today via their site at and basically they are telling me they haven’t received a request for transfer.

So at this point I’m going to the Community for help. Has anyone ever been able to transfer away from this particular registrar? Any help you could give would be much appreciated. I hated to bug support because I’m not sure what to ask them to do as nothing has really changed.

The loosing registrar’s instructions are here

Thanks so much

I presume the registry imposes a maximum of ten years à registration and you’d exceed that limit with that renewal. You’ll probably have to wait until November when you can transfer it.

It’s supposed to be possible to transfer a gTLD domain that expires in more than 9 years. You just don’t get the full extra year. It maxes out at 10 years and you waste some of your money.

Cant comment on that, never transferred a domain with a 10 year long registration term, however I could imagine this to be the issue, as this is the second time I notice such transfers issues with a maxed out domain, however only support will be able to clarify this definitively.

Thanks @sandro and @mnordhoff for the info. Didn’t even think about that. Guess that is what I get for maxing out the terms when I bought them. Guess I’ll wait till November and report back with what I find.

Thanks again so much!

I’d still recommend to contact support to clarify if there might be another issue. From what I managed to find, there are at least some registrars which will allow a transfer, but wont extend the expiration date because of the maxed out registration. By contacting support you could clarify here whether they might not allow such a transfer (which then would be the reason for that error) or whether there is another reason for the error.

OK. I will do that. Thanks again.