Attempted to update GoDaddy domain nameservers to Cloudflare and they say the NS are not valid

I have a domain registered with GoDaddy. I’ve just attempted to update the GoDaddy domain to point at Cloudflare nameservers and they say the cloudflare nameservers are not valid.

Cloudflare is telling me to update the nameservers to:

Are these valid?

Also I am in Europe. Not sure if it makes a difference but I’ve read a few things that indicate it might.


Those two are valid, functioning name servers.

Great, thanks for the quick reply!


Whats your domain?

Thanks for getting back to me @sandro

I don’t want to post the domain in a public forum (sorry, I have my reasons!)

Were you going to do an nslookup on it? I did an nslookup on and and the query returns a result.

…which leads me to think GoDaddy are wrong…?

I think GoDaddy made a mistake with the server names (I had to call them because my control panel wasn’t working properly). I called them back and tried again and it went thru fine. D’oh!

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