Attacker somehow bypass cloudflare ddos protection and ovh mitigation zone

Hello, for over a month there have been ddos attacks against my server. I have connected it with Cloudflare and done all the ddos protections, the server itself is also with ddos protections, I even connected it to ovh mitigation network. the server only communicates with Cloudflare

but that doesn’t help, my site is attacked again. I managed to find out one of their methods of attacks - they use elastic IP addresses that are not affected by any ddos protection. how do i protect myself? Thanks!

When you say that the attackers bypass the DDoS protection, are you referring to the challenges and under attack mode? Or does the automatic protection just never kick in for you?

Consider checking this guide

Trust me I tried it all. I did a test with opera browser free vpn.

I blocked his ip address from the server and Cloudflare and still had access through that ip address.

Attackers use something like this to do ddos

Seems like a faulty setup rather than a system error. If you shared more details, we could try pinpointing out exactly what might be the issue.

Do you see any data on the CF dashboard? What plan are you on?

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I’m using the free plan

yes, I turn on all the protections, challenge, underattack, but without effect…

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