Attacker passed google recaptcha. is there any solution?

We have use google reCAPTCHA v2 on our mobile app, cause we send SMS to register users.Attacker -Bot attack- could bypass reCAPTCHA. I am not sure even how ? Are they using CAPTCHA farms? I don’t know.
But what is the solution against these types of attacks?
Does Cloudflare captcha can stop these attacks?

ReCaptcha v3 is significantly better, the enterprise version of recap has some enhancements but overall all existing captchas are vulnerable against ML/human attacks.

Spending a lot of money on protection against bots. Obviously it depends on the type of bot that is attacking you, you could try CF but the standard version might not be enough.
There are some CF partners that integrate with CF (as workers), you could look into those.

Hard to say, technically… yes? However, each case needs to be studied and examined to see which product is best for each attack.


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