Attack not captured by Cloudflare

I have a lot of strange things going on.

Around October, my bandwidth usage doubled, according to my hosting company, but it’s not at all reflected in Cloudflare.

Now, around Oct. 9th, two of my sites simultaneously became targets of some weird bot attack, mostly originating out of Russia. The sites link to each other but otherwise not sure why they’re both being targeted.

When I turn on “under attack” mode, it does drive traffic back down to normal levels… on Cloudflare. But all other sources of stats and bandwidth (server stats, yandex metrica, google search stats), still show a massive influx of hits and usage. Revenue (unfortunately) has not moved upward at all lol. The majority of this new traffic is from Russia and spends 0 seconds on the site.

For the hits not being detected by Cloudflare, what can be done? I contacted the hosting company but they haven’t replied in two days.

Anything else I can do within Cloudflare to find out more? Under Attack mode breaks all the games I let other sites hotlink so it’s not something i can do for long…

Hey there, to prevent traffic by-passing Cloudflare:
Please make sure records that links to your origin are all proxied. Do also make sure to allow only Cloudflare IPs and block all other IPs on your origin.