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I’m suffering some attacks with ip address coming from the USA, I would like to block all access coming from the United States to my site, is there any configuration that I can be doing?

I am sorry to hear that.
Kindly, may I suggest you reading articles from the below:

Yes you can do it simply by creating an Firewall Rule with action BLOCK for the requests comming from a country USA at the Firewall tab → Firewall Rules → Create a Firewall rule at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain.

See below example/screenshot:

But, I am afraid this move would block Cloudflare itself from accessing your Website.
To allow Cloudflare IP’s to connect, you should also consider to whitelist them from the link below:

Try this:
( eq "US" and not



in this case the google robots would continue to access my site and cloudflare tbm?

I used your method

Google’s crawler will still get through. I’m not sure what “TBM” is, though. This FAQ includes a list of what passes as “Known Bots”:

TBM = also

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