Attack from Cloudflare IP range


Please see the attached screenshot “Visitor” on cPanel, there are many attack IPs which come from Cloudflare IPs range.

I already block all IPs not come from Cloudflare IPs. And allow access from Cloudflare IPs only.

But now, with attack from Cloudflare IPs range, i don’t know how to do?

Of course, i already turn on DNS proxy on cloudflare and use some firewall rule to challenge spam traffics.

Please advice me some solutions.
Thank you!!!

It sounds like you’re a Cloudflare customer, but have not set your server to restore visitor IP addresses. So all traffic looks like it’s coming from Cloudflare.

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Sorry for my knowledge,

Could you please guide me step by step to stop this attack?

Thank you!

Have you fixed your server so it restores original visitor IP addresses?

Not yet

I dont know how to make my cloud compute restore original visitor IP. I already asked support from hosting but they said that ask cloudflare is better.

That wasn’t helpful. Cloudflare can’t fix your server. Only your host can fix your server so it doesn’t keep showing Cloudflare IP addresses. The instructions are in the link I posted.


My server is now showing original visitor IP addresses. What is the next step to stop this attack?

Thank you very much!dfdf

That’s a Vietnamese ISP. You can use Firewall Rules to limit traffic. Firewall Rules can block anybody NOT in the countries you want traffic from, or block individual countries.


I have some fire wall rules like that. But if they pass Cloudflare and attack directly to my cloud compute address, how to do?

Thank you!

Hopefully your cloud compute service lets you set up a firewall to block anything that’s not a Cloudflare address:

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