Attack by IP address belonging to Cloudflare, but not really?

(I searched and found several similar questions but none answer specifically this question)

My developer just sent me a message that the server sends him when there is some kind of attack. The IP address in question, when I look it up on an IP lookup site, says it belongs to Cloudflare:

But it’s NOT on …it’s just really close. From the way I read it, it’s - which means the last numbers can be 0 through 15, but it always starts with 162.158.0 to be Cloudflare. So it is a Cloudflare IP address or not?

Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

I doesnt. It is CIDR, please use the search for details on that.

If your site is not on Cloudflare, simply block the Cloudflare IP addresses. If it is, you should rewrite the IP addresses and block the real client address.

Got it, thank you.

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