Attach a subdomain to a specific branch (DEV) in Cloudflare Pages

I noticed our DEV branch is getting a new random subdomain for each deployment
I wonder if it’s possible to set a custom subdomain for DEV branch like we did for MAIN branch in Cloudflare Pages?



It can be done, although it’s not at all documented.

Two steps:

  1. add the domain you want to use as a custom domain in Pages, the normal way to add any domain.
  2. point the CNAME to branch-name.[subdomain]

It works for me just fine, you might need a little bit of time for the certificate to issue.


it seems to work … but in fact it’s just serving the prod version :frowning:

It definitely does for me as the “main” brach is non-working (it’s still the default repo), but the “development” one is.

Can you post a screenshot of the DNS records + the Pages Custom Domains configuration?
Do redact private infos your don’t want public.

It’s seems as a new user on this forum I’m not allowed to post images …

So I will provide details in text here:
my main branch is on subdomain “dash” and the CNAME is pointing to “”
I have added the CNAME “dash-dev” pointing to “” because my other branch is named “dev”

In “pages custom domains” I do see and both active

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