ATT Uverse Routing to SJC from LA

Looks like ATT Uverse in Los Angeles is routing to SJC not LAX. I noticed it over the weekend and confirmed it with someone else today. — the Internet’s Fastest, Privacy-First DNS Resolver output

I’m usually routed through LAX, but sometimes I end up at SJC. They’re both pretty quick, though, and the reroute has always been temporary. I don’t know if it’s my ISP (Charter Spectrum) or LAX is just really busy.

This is usually good indicator if it’s Cloudflare or your ISP that’s rerouting. If the cheap plans are SJC, but high-tier are still LAX, then LAX is just busy.

thanks, even my enterprise sites are routing to SJC so it’s probably ATT

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I just checked and everything is LAX for me. Except for the usual locGOV which is hardwired to use certain data centers.

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