I use Cloudflare to set up DNS connected to a webflow site. The website has SSL configured in webflow.

There are some users having trouble accessing the website.

User1 entered in the browser, then went to AT&T Internet Security page saying “Spam page blocked for your protection”. The URL form in the browser says Not secure which usually appears when accessing http:// URL. The user allowed the URL in AT&T smart home manager, then the website started working.

User2 entered in the browser, then got ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error. The URL form in the browser says Not secure. They used AT&T as well but AT&T Internet Security page didn’t open like User1.

I guess AT&T is filtering the website somehow, maybe because of .xyz domain. Did anybody have a similar issue with a specific ISP? Is there any workaround to make the DNS configuration more AT&T friendly?

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