At my wits end

Hi, New at this so any help much appreciated. I’ll try to explain, but I’m a fair bit out my depth with this. My site is on Clickfunnels and was on Godaddy. There were some issues with ssl and ClickFunnels recommended changing nameservers to CloudFlare. I followed the steps but my site has now been down for 24hrs and ClickFunnel support has vanished.

I’ve added the cname to point at and www to point to route as they instructed. I’ve also created the page rule they said to do. I’ve checked propogation on dnschecker and A is resolving fine for both route and www. But cname doesn’t for route and there a only 3 for www.

I’ve just said a bunch of stuff that I don’t really understand so I’m at a loss on what to do. My site has been down for 24hrs and i’ve absolutley now idea how to get it back.

Any advice or pointers will be much appreciated.

AFAIK Clickfunnels runs on Heroku so it is pointed to the right place. Is your root domain a verified domain for their service?

Hi, thanks for responding. Yes, it’s showing as a verified domain in clickfunnels. i even deleted the domain and set it again incase that was the problem. I’ve tried it with clickfunnels ssl and without. I’ve also checked that the domain is associated to an actual funnel. My browser ends up on a Heroku 404 page.

Unfortunately as far as I know (and I know very little about 3rd party vendors) that is generally the right place for it to point. Can you try making the record :grey: if it isn’t already and see if that helps? It might be ‘this record is controlled by a partner’ in which case it really is set correctly-ish.

OK thanks… I presume this is at clickfunnels end then. Just going to have to wait until their support opens again… smh.

When I add the cname record pointing to (which is correct) it shows as proxied but clicking save turns it to DNS only. I don’t know if there is a way to change this, but I cant see it. Thanks anyway.

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