Asynchronous stale-while-revalidate

Hello, currently when using stale-while-revalidate it will only asynchronously re-validate if there are two concurrent requests for a resource and only one of of those requests will be asynchronous. e.g. I make a request in my browser like this fetch('mysite/stale-resource'); fetch('mysite/stale-resource') (this is assuming mysite/stale-resource is past it’s maxage, but within the stale-while-revalidate window) one request will be served with a cache status of updating, but the other will say revalidating and wait on the response from the origin server.

Is there a way to make all stale responses return updating and perform the validation in the background?

For “hot” pages the existing setup makes sense as only a small percentage of requests pay the price of waiting on origin, but for long tail content (which the site I work on has a lot of) it’d be great to have content that’s stale served from the edge and revalidate asynchronously in the background.

If there isn’t a way to achieve this functionality is it on the roadmap/backlog and is there an estimated date the functionality will ship?

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