ASW EC2 does connect anymore


My website is hosted in AWS EC2, It used to work perfectly until I moved to Cloudflare. Now the server is not responding and the site is down. I tested my connection to the server via the Terminal and it’s not connecting. Yet it was perfect until I changed the NS at my registrar, which happens to be Namebright.

Curl in the IP, refuses connection to port 80.
I contacted Support, except for a canned reply, it’s been radio silence so far. Any help would be appreciated.


Nothing? Seems like most everyone has this issue, and there seems to be no convincing answer.


I don’t use EC2, so I don’t know the inner workings of it. It certainly sounds weird, but without knowing the URL, I can’t even begin to speculate.

Since you already opened up a ticket, post the number and the mods will probably take a second look at it.


I waited for the ‘mods’ to reply.
I waited for Support to reply. I got one, something canned.

So I deleted the NS pointing to flare, and the website is still, shall is put it mildly - completely f*ucked. I cannot get it back, even after some wrangling. I had the rebuild with an old image.

Lesson - AWS and Cloudflare - NO BEUNO.
The twain shall not meet.



AWS EC2 and Cloudflare work fine together. Personally I have used EC2 instances with no issue. If you have them behind an ELB you can do a CNAME setup:

If you want to host a static site from an AWS S3 bucket you can do that as well:

What is your ticket # or domain for others to investigate? What specific issues are you facing?