ASV scan interference while scanning Cloudflare

Could you please help me.
We are running ASV scans for our clients and sometimes we face “Scan Interference” issue during the scan. The problem is that all scanner IPs are whitelisted and even in this case cloudflare firewall is blocking all traffic. Do you have any advise or documentation how client should behave in such cases ?
It is forbidder by PCI DSS to have scan interference at the report as it automatically FAILs it.
In such cases we are stunned as client cant do anything to get rid of this issue and we can get them compliant as it is forbidden by the council to have interference during the scan.

If Cloudflare’s firewall is blocking access, then you should see entries in the Firewall Events Activity Log. Click on one of those events and you should see the Cloudflare setting that’s triggering the block.

Even is IPs are whitelisted, Cloudflare recognize this as DDoS on “Validation” step.
How to avoid it and stop Cloudflare from blocking the scan. As I understood firewall is not influencing on DDoS validation step.

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