Hi… I have hosted my website at Google drive and made public through DRV.TW by taking SSL from cloudflare. I have made entries of CName , TXT record pointed to = & A = pointing my to ip address record at Cloudflare BUT my website without www is not running and showing Error 522. Please tell me how to resolve it . However with www site is running fine with ssl. So anyone please tell me how to resolve issue to open my site without www.

It looks like your CNAME setup is limited to www-only. I suggest you forward non-www with a page rule:

Match:* and add Setting: Forwarding URL to$1

Dear Sdayman, Thanks for reply. I have used google Drive to host my site and in URL forwarding only one forwarder can be given. So i have used Url forwarder pointed to on my domain dashboard. Tell me how to do further.

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