Assistance with Locating Origin Certificate in Cloudflare Dashboard

Dear Community,

I am reaching out for assistance regarding an issue with the visibility of the origin certificate for my server on my domain. I would like to note that everything is functioning flawlessly, and I am operating in strict SSL/TLS mode. However, I am encountering difficulties in locating the origin certificate within my Cloudflare administration area.

To provide a bit more context:

  • I am utilizing Traefik as a reverse proxy.
  • I have configured Traefik to use Cloudflare’s DNS mode.
  • My Cloudflare token is integrated for authentication purposes.
  • The domain is set in strict SSL/TLS mode.

My primary goal is to verify the presence and proper functionality of the origin certificate, as I am unable to find it in Cloudflare’s user interface. Could you guide me on how to access this certificate or confirm that it is correctly in place?

Thank you in advance for your support. I am available for any further information you may require.

Thanks !

You don’t need an origin certificate then, it’s just another option you could use rather then a publicly trusted Certificate from somewhere like Let’s Encrypt. It’s a Cloudflare issued certificate, only trusted by Cloudflare Proxy, which can last up to 15 years and works under Full (Strict) Encryption mode.

Log in to your Cloudflare account.
Select the appropriate domain.
Go to the "SSL/TLS" tab.
Click on the "Origin Server" tab.
Here, you should see your Origin Certificates listed.

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