Assistance with DNS Configuration Issues

I am having an issue with DNS Settings related to as domain hosted on cloudflare. Our domain, has an A record pointing to and a CNAME record for www that redirects to same domain. These records are also using your proxied service.

We are experiencing an issue where accessing the site internally via our DNS zone results in an SSL error displaying a Cloudflare certificate. However, when accessed externally, the site loads correctly with the SSL certificate we purchased from your company.

Could you please advise on the CDN CNAME for this domain? Alternatively, could you suggest any modifications to the DNS records that would allow us to add a 'CNAME’to our internal DNS zone? So that we can resolve the domain properly.

I look forward to your guidance on resolving these issues.

If you downloaded a Cloudlfare origin certificate for your domain, note that this certificate is only trusted by Cloudflare and requires the use of the proxy, see…

If you need to access the origin without passing through the proxy, then you’ll need to use an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt or another trusted CA instead.


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