Assistance Required with SOA Record Configuration for

I am seeking assistance regarding specific DNS configurations for my domain,, which is currently managed through Cloudflare.

I have recently encountered issues highlighted in a DNS report, specifically related to the SOA (Start of Authority) record. The concerns are as follows:

  1. SOA Serial Number Format is Invalid: The format of the serial number in the SOA record appears to be incorrect.
  2. SOA Expire Value Out of Recommended Range: The expire value set in the SOA record is reportedly outside the recommended range.

I understand that adjustments to the SOA record may not be directly accessible through my Cloudflare DNS management interface. Therefore, I am reaching out for your expert guidance and assistance in addressing these issues.

Could you please advise on the steps required to correct these SOA record configurations, or kindly assist by making the necessary adjustments on my behalf?

Is that from the MXtoolbox test?

The values can’t be changed as they are created by Cloudflare. The comments are only recommendations and the values Cloudflare uses instead won’t cause you any problems.

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Thank you for the clarification regarding the SOA record configurations set by Cloudflare. It’s reassuring to know that these values, although different from standard recommendations, are tailored for optimal performance within Cloudflare’s system.

Just to confirm, there are no additional actions I should take or specific aspects I should monitor related to these SOA record values to ensure the smooth operation of my domain, correct?

I appreciate your assistance and the information you’ve provided.

Best regards,

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