Assistance Required: Cloudflare Blocking Access Despite IP Whitelisting

Dear Cloudflare Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well.

I have encountered an issue with accessing the wp-login.php wp-admin.php file on my website. To enhance security, I have configured Cloudflare to block access to this file. Concurrently, I have taken steps to allowlist my static IP address to ensure that I can still gain entry to the admin area of my website without hindrance.

Despite these measures, I have been experiencing intermittent blocks by Cloudflare over the past few days when attempting to log in. This is unexpected behavior, as my current understanding is that my IP should have unrestricted access to the login page.

Could you please provide guidance or troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue? I require uninterrupted access to my site’s backend for maintenance and updates, and this situation is causing significant disruption.

If there are any logs or additional information you need from my end to diagnose the problem more effectively, please let me know, and I will provide them promptly.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and look forward to your response.

Best regards,

When you are blocked, you will see a ray-ID on the page. When that happends, go to your security events page, find the ray ID and it will tell you why you were blocked.

You can then adjust the rule as needed.

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Hello sjr,

I appreciate your prompt response to my earlier query. I have been using Allow Rules effectively for years on my other websites to prevent my static IP from being blocked when accessing wp-login.php and wp-admin.php. However, I’m encountering an issue with the new website where, despite adding my static IP to the Allow Rules, it still gets blocked.

I have attached a screenshot of the current Allow Rule configuration for my static IP for your review. Could you please take a moment to examine it and suggest any potential improvements or adjustments that might resolve this issue?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

You need to find the Ray ID in your event log to learn why you are being blocked. Without that information, your skip rule is of little use to anyone in the Community.

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Thanks for your reply, Epic.I managed to solve the issue on my own.

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