Assistance Request: URL Redirection

To give you some background, we sell physical products with QR codes that take you to this sample URL:

What I would like to happen, is when the user scans the QR code that contains this URL, they will be redirected to Is this possible with Cloudflare? if yes, can you give me instructions on how to do it? Thank you so much.

Is the subdirectoy /pages/ used exclusively for the qrpages? Or do you have other content under /pages that must not be redirected?

Are qrpages a random string, or do they have a pattern? Can you provide a real example of what the path qrpages would look like?

Actually, we are transitioning from Shopify to GSP. It went live and almost everything works fine. Unlike GSP, when you build a page on Shopify, it instantly creates a route /pages/qrpage. We can’t add a route for pages since their platform doesn’t support a multilevel path.

So when we switch to GSP this URL will die so what we want to happen, when someone visits this URL they will be redirected to https://

So you want a static redirect, right? Assuming your www. domain is proxied by Cloudflare, you could set a Redirect Rule with the following expression:

When incoming requests match...
Hostname equals ""
URI Path equals "/pages/qrpage"

Type: Static
Status; 301
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The good news is that I can see it activate, and redirect in my browser but it leads to the too many redirects error. Do you have any idea how I can fix this?

Follow the link

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