Assistance Needed with Wordfence Plugin and Cloudflare Challenge

We are encountering an issue with our website security setup and could use some assistance in resolving it.

Our website is currently protected by the Wordfence plugin to safeguard against malware attacks. However, we’ve encountered a problem where the plugin is unable to perform scans effectively.

Upon reaching out to Wordfence support, we were advised to examine the logs to identify the specific challenges. In reviewing the logs, we’ve come across the following indication: “CF-RAY: 8807e77cde8c8813-SIN,” which suggests a connection to a Cloudflare challenge, specifically: “cf-mitigated: challenge.”

Understanding the importance of maintaining robust security measures, we are eager to address this issue promptly. Could you please provide guidance on how we can proceed to resolve this challenge effectively?

Any insights or steps we should take would be greatly appreciated.

Can you check your Security Events to see if the traffic is blocked by any Firewall rules/rulesets?