Assistance Needed with Website Setup and Redirect Issue

Currently, I have a website running on an EC2 instance, and I have associated a domain from GoDaddy with it. The initial setup was completed, but unfortunately, I am encountering some problems. When trying to access the website, I receive an error message stating “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” and it takes an unusually long time to load. To secure my website, I am using Let’s Encrypt Certbot on my server. Surprisingly, when I access the website using its public IP, everything works perfectly fine with HTTPS.

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You cannot mean https://x.x.x.x/, because that will not work with a certificate from Let’s Encrypt. I expect that you mean when the hostname is set to :grey: DNS Only.

Have you confirmed that you are using Full (strict) - SSL/TLS encryption modes?

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In order to resolve the issue, I made some changes to the DNS settings. Firstly, I configured the A record to be DNS-only, while setting the CNAME to proxy. This change was complemented by using the Full (Script) option. Surprisingly, this combination resolved the problem successfully. However, I remain unsure about the underlying reasons. On a previous attempt, I had set the A record to proxy as well, but encountered some errors.

If you would like the Community to take a look, please share the domain name.

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Can you turn the proxy back on :orange: for your apex name:

Just did that

It is loading without any redirect errors for me with the proxy :orange: enabled.

Yeah, I just checked again and now its seems working. Thank You for your assistance and I hope it doesn’t go back being crazy.


It shouldn’t. The error you described is usually the result of using the insecure Flexible SSL mode which connects over HTTP to the origin server. If the origin server has an HTTP → HTTPS redirect, that connect occurs over HTTPS to Cloudflare that then connects to the origin server with HTTP in an infinite loop. Using Full (strict) prevents that and ensures that your connections stay secure.


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