Assistance Needed: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED for Subdomain

I recently moved my DNS from Digital Ocean with the domain registrar of GoDaddy. The Digital Ocean droplet is setup to route the various domains to the correct resources, and in testing this worked fine as well as it works well for certain domains/sub-domains.

At first I was receiving persistent redirect errors, though now I’m encountering a persistent ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error when attempting to access a specific subdomain ( on my website, and I’m in need of assistance. The main domain and other subdomains are functioning correctly, and this issue seems isolated to the staff subdomain.

What I’ve Done So Far:

  1. DNS Propagation Check: I’ve verified that the DNS records have propagated correctly using external tools.
  2. DNS Settings: The DNS records in Cloudflare, especially for the staff subdomain, are set correctly. It’s an A record pointing to the right IP address and is proxied through Cloudflare.
  3. Virtual Host Configuration: Checked the Apache virtual host configuration, and the subdomain is listed there correctly.
  4. Cloudflare Settings Review: Reviewed all relevant Cloudflare settings. I haven’t made changes to advanced settings like IP Geolocation, WebSockets, Maximum Upload Size, Pseudo IPv4, Response Buffering, Railgun, or HTTP/2-HTTP/3 settings.
  5. Error Logs: Reviewed the server’s error logs, but they only show PHP code errors, nothing that correlates with this DNS resolution issue.

Additional Context:

  • The issue appeared when I set up the site, and other subdomains and the main domain are unaffected and work as expected.
  • The SSL/TLS encryption mode is set to “Full” in Cloudflare, and I have valid SSL certificates for the subdomain on my server.
  • There are no page rules or firewall rules affecting the subdomain.

Given these checks, I suspect there might be an issue on Cloudflare’s end related to the DNS resolution for this particular subdomain. I’ve followed standard procedures for DNS setup and haven’t made any significant changes in Cloudflare that could have caused this.

I would deeply appreciate any guidance or insights from the community. Has anyone faced a similar issue or has suggestions for further troubleshooting steps?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Do you mind to share the domain name?

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