Assistance in setting up Cloudflare for Teams

I have an external RDGatway setup for, this already has an A record in my DNS record. I’m trying to use Cloudflare for Teams to access this site and shut down port 443 so you have to tunnel through Cloudflare first.

I’ve tried setting Cloudflare for Teams up using “Connect Applications” and also “Connect Networks”.

I created an application called RDWeb and pointed the application URL to RDGateway previously talked about and set it to self hosted. I’ve authenticated cloudflared and created a tunnel.

I also created a CNAME called RDWeb and pointed the alias to the tunnel ID.

For the YAML file using “connect applications” setup I used the tunnel ID and credential file to point the YAML file. For the Ingress rules I set the hostname to and used the service https://localhost:8000 with a catch all at the end. When the tunnel is running and I try to access I receive error 502 bad gateway.

I created a WARP login for myself and can see when I have WARP turned on that my account shows up under MyTeam> Users.

For the “connect networks” I created a tunnel and used the CIDR and named the tunnel RDWeb. When I run “cloudflared tunnel route ip get” I see the network and tunnel that is setup. For the YAML file for this I used tunnel: my tunnel ID, Credentials-files: path to .json file, and added warp-routing: enabled: true. I then turned on the warp client on my machine after configurating the account that I set up previously. Same thing, I receive a 502 bad gateway.

I’m unsure what I’ve done wrong or if someone could point me in the right direction for which “connection” should be used when logging into a RDWeb client.

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