Assigned Nameservers do not resolve

I have attempted to point GoDaddy DNS to Cloudflare name servers for two days. I get an error and contact support. When traced the ASSIGNED Cloudflare nameservers do not resolve.

I can’t get a reply from support (free user) and am trying to push their website live.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to change the assigned nameservers and not sure what to do now?

the assigned nameservers are:

giancarlo ns Cloudflare com
lovisa ns Cloudflare com

account is for defaultvsdesign

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Those two name servers resolve. If your domain is the .com for defaultvsdesign, then it’s set to use GoDaddy’s name servers.

That’s because I cannot change them, according to go daddy they do not resolve and It will not let me add these two.

and I should say thank you so much for the reply… I am not as savvy in this aspect, so when they said they would not resolve, I have no options remaining. I still cannot add them (replace the existing), as it only gives me an error and when I have called, they have only provided the same response.

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