Assigned Authoritative Nameservers changed by Cloudflare

Our company has been using these Cloudflare assigned nameservers for over 3 years (cody and lucy). Now, when we create a new site, it is telling us to use a different set of nameservers:

This seems to work, as our sites are still resolving, but we are getting a ‘Glue vs A record’ conflict now. My question is why would our authoritative nameservers change? And how can we revert the change so our nameservers remain cody and lucy. We have not changed accounts or account types. Thanks in advance!

Name servers are assigned on a per-domain basis and while they’re often the same from one domain to another within an account, there is no guarantee that they will be consistent.

When a domain is delegated to name servers outside of the domain itself, glue records don’t really apply, so my guess is that the tool you are using might be seeing something cached if you just recently changed nameservers.

Thanks Dave, yes the NS’ were recently changed and the error is still showing here

We will keep an eye on it, but you are saying we shouldn’t worry about resolution failures?

I don’t see any issues, the information from the gTLD servers appears to match with what Cloudflare is providing.

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