Assigned Access To Manage Account - A Few Questions

Hi there - A business I am working with sent me an invite to help manage their Cloudflare account. They have the Pro website package. Before sending me the invite, the company created an email address at their domain.

For example, [email protected]

I received the invite and clicked the dash.cloudflare… link.
Once at the Cloudflare page I created a password and logged in.


When I log into the account of [email protected] I am presented with a page that lists the [email protected] account and the [email protected]

If I choose the [email protected], I am presented with a page to add a website.

I can also choose the [email protected] which then shows a link to the [email protected] Cloudflare account. Clicking it takes me to the Cloudflare control panel for the company.

I did read the following concerning adding users

After reading that and searching around I ended up with a few questions for which I can not find an answer. These are:

First, is it normal to show both accounts upon login? As mentioned above, when I log in I see the
[email protected] (user - setup as administrator) and the [email protected] (super admin) accounts.

Second, to manage the @examplecompanydotcom Cloudflare account, do I add a website within the [email protected] account OR do I navigate over to the [email protected] account and manage it from there?

Note, at this point I am simply reviewing their settings and do not intend to make any changes.


yes it’s normal.

to manage the company’s cf account click on their account email and not your email

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Thanks. That clears things up!

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