Assets rewritten to plain http

I recently noticed my domains are having issues loading in Firefox because it’s blocking assets (CSS and JS) from loading over plain http. However, I didn’t change anything on my server… I’m trying to rule out an issue at Cloudflare’s end.

Here’s one of my domains:

Screenshot of Firefox:

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I’m starting to think my app has always been returning http URLs, because of how my proxies/gateways are set up internally, and how the application framework I’m using works. I just never noticed it because I have Automatic HTTPS Rewrites enabled.

Ran this and can see the http urls getting returned by my own web server: curl -XGET --resolve '' --insecure

Is it possible Cloudflare Automatic HTTPS Rewrites behavior changed or is having issues?

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@dylan I am having the samme issue. Automatic HTTPS Rewrites seems to have stopped working or changed behaviour on or around 2023-04-11. I tried to manually force it with page rules but no luck.

Is it a bug or permantely changed behaviour?

Please update the thread if you are able to solve it.

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