Assets in Cloudflare Pages are not compiled correctly

I’m getting 404 on js and css assets of my website hosted on Cloudflare Pages, even if the deploy doesn’t show any issue

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similar behaviour with my site too

I tried updating @sveltejs/kit and @sveltejs/adapter-cloudflare to their latest available versions but the result doesn’t change

I believe the problem is from Cloudflare deployment because I deployed same site at vercel and I did well there.

I believe this is a known issue currently (_routes not applying) and a fix is rolling out ASAP.

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Just to ask, where did you find out about the issue? I’m staring at but I don’t see anything that sounds related

It was reported and escalated from the Cloudflare Developer Discord.

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It’s reported that this should now be fixed. Please try deploying again.



Apologies for the issues, we confirmed this was a bug on our side and have now fixed this. If you try again, the deployment should succeed and the static assets should correctly return 200.

The bug was the user (in this case framework) defined _routes.json (Routing · Cloudflare Pages docs) not being correctly picked up and uploaded.

Let us know if you continue to have issues!

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Yeah, by the way I was able to fix my issue by publishing via wrangle on cli wrangler pages publish .svelte-kit/cloudflare --project-name=nameoftheproject

Thank you for your support!

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