Assessing NXDOMAIN traffic and what should I do?

I had over 180 NXDOMAIN request in the past 24 hours. Is there any way to view the NXDOMAIN traffic and what are the potential risk of NXDOMAIN traffic and what is the mitigation for this traffic?

It looks like only Enterprise Plans show a log of NXDOMAIN requests. I see old subdomains and random probing in my log. I don’t see any risk, and no need for mitigation at the DNS level. The only concern is if there are requests for a subdomain you’ve forgotten about and accidentally deleted.

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Thank you for the reply sdayman. I think being aware of that traffic could actually shed light on SEO issues if you have deleted a subdomain and noticed a jump in NXDOMAIN. It would be nifty if you could view that traffic, but I am going to have to wait on that one for now.


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