ASN not recognised

A trusted site visitor is seeing the Javascript challenge frequently but I am not seeing his IP address in the firewall overview. His ISP’s ASN is also not recognised by the CloudFlare interface: AS13037 (Zen Internet)

Maybe the two are linked?

I’d like to remove the inconvenience of the Javascript challenge for no reason.

How is the challenge set up? How is he excluded? Post screenshots.

Also, post a screenshot were you believe his AS is not recognised.

Hm, well I tried just now to repeat the situation setting up an IP access rule for AS13037 and it was accepted this time - last time a red warning came up to the effect the ASN was not recognised.

The IP address (associated with AS13037) of the visitor was not blocked by me in any way. However, he was continuing to report the challenge screen most of today.

I’ll check with him to find out of the problem has gone now.

Hopefully it’s just a glitch!

That didnt really answer any of the questions :wink:

I did my best? I tried to provide you with the screen shot replicating my earlier experience - it worked this time. Everything I’ve said is as truthful and accurate as I can be.

The visitor was seeing the JS challenge screen.

Neither his IP address or ISP ASN were under any rules.

Neither were logged in the firewall overview so the JS challenge wasn’t flagged.

I checked his IP address on my server and the forum software we run - no problems.

I tried to whitelist his IP address in CloudFlare - it made no difference.

I tried to whitelist his ISP’s ASN - this time it said ASN not recognised (not that it clashed with a previous rule, I hasten to add).

I tried to recreate this just now but this time it has worked (several hours since it didn’t work).

I’ve emailed the visitor to let me know if he’s still seeing the JS challenge - not received a reply yet.

Well, you didnt. Again you need to post screenshots, otherwise it all is speculation.

How can I post screen shots if I can’t reproduce it any more?!

So you havent set up any challenge anywhere on Cloudflare?

Not for the IP address of the visitor nor for his ISP’s ASN, no - definitely not.

You don’t believe me do you?

This is not about believing. You do not address the questions I am afraid. I ask you if you have set up a challenge anywhere on Cloudflare and your response is you havent set up any for that particular address. That was not my question. I clearly asked if you have configured challenges in general.

Yes - I have set up lots of challenges but not for that IP address or IP address range or that ISP’s ASN.

That is exactly the point. He probably runs into one of those challenges.

What does this return? Respectively, when was he blocked the last time?

How? I checked the overview of events - nothing matched. And it does not explain why when I tried to whitelist the ASN it was rejected as not recognised.

I initially suspected he might be using some sort of VPN but he says not. His ordinary IP address is revealed on the forum and in the server logs.

His IP address might simply be flagged as abusive by Cloudflare, in which case they can impose a JavaScript challenge as well.

I suppose that is a possibility but in that case why did the ASN not work earlier and does now?

How did the ASN “work”? What do you mean by that?

The screenshot you posted only covers the past 24 hours. Hence my question when he was challenged the last time.